Hart Software and Embedded Systems Development
Hart Software and Embedded Systems Development


Systems Engineering and HART Software Test Tools

The quotations offer HART communication test tools, source code and services for software and firmware development for Windows, Linux and Embedded Systems.

Firmware/Software Development and Consulting

If you need an additional manpower in your software or firmware project, you are welcome to engage me in a temporary contract. The fact that I report in detail about my work and the relevant content ensures that the know-how that arises for you stays with you. The offer that you will find here represents a framework that is intended to show how such a contract should be imagined in principle.

Quotation for Project Work (pdf)


Please let us know if your are needing a more detailed offer.

  • Development of mobile phone software (iOS, Android Apps) for field device applications (Kotlin, Xamarin, Java, C++).
  • Development of sql database structures for the source code generation for parts of the firmware in embedded field devices (single source concept).
  • Development of simulations of a field devices on personal computers (80 % of source code sharing).
  • Integration of firmware components into field devices
    - Android support,
    - Linux support,
    - FreeRTOS support,
    - SD memory card access,
    - Bluetooth interface,
    - NFC interface,
    - WiFi interface,
    - HART classical interface (4..20 mA),
    - HART-IP interface (Ethernet-APL),
    - TCP-IP interface
    - Modbus TCP IP interface and
    - USB interface.
  • Development of web server for field devices.
  • Documentation of software and firmware components.
  • Development of automated testing software and firmware.
  • Development of application software in C++, C#, Python, F#, Kotlin, Java, Visual Basic and VBA.
  • Review of Specifications and Documentations.

HartTools 7.6: Real Time HART Protocol Analyzer

Test Client HART Communication DDL and User Examples in C++, C# and Python

Real Time Analyzer HART Protocol Real Time Analyzer and Test Tools

The HartTools is a software package based on a native Windows DLL that only requires a small amount of Windows system resources. Only with this technical basis was it possible to implement the real-time behavior of the Hart Communication Protocol. The Analyzer Frame Alyst visualizes the timing in HART communication with millisecond precision.

To Analyse the HART communication on the wire and the behavior of HART devices was the goal for the realization of the HART Tools. This is a set of components for the HART device developer. The tools are targeted to realize test applications and support the device development process. The tool chain includes the support of a slave device simulation implementation on the PC based on C# or Visual Basic.

Please refer to the Release Notes to see immediately the major changes compared to version 7.5.

  • Protocol test client and analyzer FrameAlyst (pdf)
  • Hart master communication library for Windows HartDLL (pdf)

  • Hart master .NET component HartX (pdf) for Windows applications

  • Hart slave communication library for Windows SlaveDLL (pdf)

  • Hart slave .NET component for Windows SlaveX (pdf)

  • Single user license

HART Master C++ 7.6

Use or modify your HART communication Use or modify your HART communication

The source code package includes all modules needed to represent the Hart protocol for a master. The package is written in standard C++ and does not use a direct connection to a system environment. Data link layer, application layer and network management of the Hart protocol are implemented. The connection to the outside occurs via three interfaces: OSAL, USER and HAL.
Data Sheet: Hart Master C++ 7.6 (pdf)

  • No external dynamic memory management. The amount of reserved RAM remains constant.
  • The number of objects is determined at compile time and startup.
  • No operating system is required to integrate the software. Timers and serial interrupts are enough.
  • The user interface (USER) is very close to the interface of the existing Hart DLL in HartTools 7.6.



HartTools 7.6 (Source Code)

Develope your own HartTools Develope your own HartTools

The HART communication code (the native library) is written in C++ and is currently being maintained in Visual Studio 2019 for the new HartTools 7.6 version. The code is strictly modular and based on a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer).

The code for the analyzer, however, was written in C# and is based on Windows Forms. All communication functions of the analyzer are based on the Hart DLL interface.

If you like to modify the implementations of HartTools for your own needs in future or if you are looking for a base of a Hart master functionality under Windows we are providing also the source code of the HartTools software package.

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