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HartTools 7.6

HART Communication Protocol Real Time Analyzer and Test Client Software

Setup display of HartTools Setup Display of HartTools
Setup HartTools 7.6
Get a 30-days-trial-version of our Hart Tools 7.6. The trial version is free of charge and fully functional to allow you to try how our tools fit into your application.
If you are already having a license certificate this download is used to update to the latest revision of
HartTools 7.6.
Install HartTools 7.6.msi
Microsoft Installer [5.5 MB]

If the download cannot be started, I recommend a small workaround that we have provided for you as a procedure: Detailed steps.

However, if you prefer to use another method to safely transfer the file to you, please send a short email to: Walter.Borst@borst-automation.de. We will respond to it as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about this or the quotation, please send us an email to:

We will get in contact with you as soon as possible.


We have once again thoroughly revised our HartTools software package and are pleased that we can now offer you the new version.

A key point is that we tested the HarTools 7.6 on

Windows 11.

The central component is still the robust and very reliable Windows Library (DLL), which ensures real-time behavior under Windows.

We have expanded the examples somewhat and, above all, adapted them to the state of the art.

We are providing reusable modules as source code specifically for developers of embedded software/firmware. This code is written in ANSI C++. The newsletter provides information about the preliminary planning for the market launch.




We are currently working on a framework for such a solution and I have summarized some details for a draft in a short working document.



This is a draft of an article from 2003. I publish this document to show how simple and obvious technical solutions can be.



Data Sheets

Example how two IDEs can be used with the same source code.



From the code in HartTools we have derived a product with which we supply the source code for a real time serial communication under Windows.



Source Code Modules

Source Code Module for VS 2019 and VS Code (free of charge)
Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio Code are probably the two most important development environments at Microsoft at the moment. This also connects to the topic of reusable code.
The present source code module therefore first answers the question of what an environment can look like in which the same source code is accessed in both Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 2019.
If you right click on the download link and select 'Save Link to ..' you get the zip file directly stored in any directory of your computer.
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