Hart Software and Embedded Systems Development
Hart Software and Embedded Systems Development


HART Protocol Software and Embedded Systems Firmware Development

HartTools 7.6

HART Protocol Analyzer with Integrated Test Client

This  is a real time test and development software for field devices which are supporting HART communications.

The software package is running on Windows 11.

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HART Master Stack, HART Slave Stack for Embedded Linux

We had already developed and presented a very rudimentary Hart Slave for Embedded Systems in 2017, but it didn't generate much interest, which was probably also due to the fact that we didn't have a specific product to offer.

However, we are now in the process of taking up the ideas from 2017 again in order to develop a solution that is very easily portable via a so-called HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer). This software package should already be available in the second quarter of 2024. One of the most important integrations should be the one to Linux. In the following you can understand again which architecture the component had in 2017:

HART Slave Stack 7.5 (pdf).


I think that some of the structural approaches in the document are still applicable to the new product internally. The basis for development is initially C++ in the classic form to ensure portability. In addition, the drivers must meet certain real-time requirements. The Linux operating system has priority for the first executable version.

If you have any questions about Hart on Linux, please send an email to:



Embedded Systems

We are not developing hardware but offering consulting services for the design of the hardware.

We are supporting your embedded system project by developing software and firmware or parts of it, by managing software projects or simply providing help for the following topics:

  • File System (SD-Card) Integration
  • Blue Tooth Integration
  • WLAN Integration
  • Program Flash Management
  • Fieldbus, Profibus and Hart
  • Real Time Architecture
  • Requirements Management
  • Test Design and Test Management

Source Code Modules

For special tasks, we provide source code modules (SCMs) for your firmware or develop them for you. These modules are preferably coded in ISO C++14 standard and configured for Visual Studio 2019 or Visual Studio Code. The following embedded function units are currently planned:

  • Real Time Serial Communication
  • Embedded Testing Framework
  • Embedded Device Simulation
  • Embedded Hart Slave
  • Embedded Hart Master
  • Binary Data Coding (like XML)
  • Initialization File Parser
  • Hart, Profibus and Fieldbus Data Coding and Decoding
  • Smart Measurement Linearization
  • Portable Firmware Framework (System Abstraction) 


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  • File Systems
  • Bluetooth
  • WLAN
  • Program Flash Handling
  • Data Flash Handling
  • Power Off/On Management
  • HART Protocol Communication
  • Fieldbus Technology, CAN, Modbus, Profibus, HART
  • HTTP-Server, Communication Stacks, Frameworks, Device Simulation

  • C, C++, C#, Java, Python, VB, VBA, Pascal, Fortran, Assembler

  • Windows, Linux, EmbOS,
    MicroC/OS-II, QMX, VxWorks

  • Single Source Concepts, Software-Generation, Code-Wizards

  • Tests: Requirements, Code Coverage, Conformance

  • Device Description

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