Hart Software and Embedded Systems Development
Hart Software and Embedded Systems Development


Embedded Systems Firmware and Software Development

HART Slave Stack C++ 7.6

Available for Download

The model I used to program the embedded Hart Slave is not(!) a simulation. I developed the final C++ code for the communication package. Only for faster testing the package is embedded in a Windows dynamic link library and provided with a hardware abstraction layer for Windows.
I recommend that you take a quick look at the data sheet. There you will find the main features of the Hart Slave firmware described. In particular, the architecture and the functional interface are explained here.


Data Sheet: Hart Slave Stack 7.6 (pdf)


Proceed to our download page to get the source code of the firmware.


The next steps in the project are:

- Migration to a Nrf52832 system
- Integration of HART-IP (Ethernet)

Command 48 During Burst Mode Command 48 During Burst Mode

Hart Tools 7.6 (Windows)

HART Protocol Analyzer with Integrated Test Master

This is the ideal tool when working on developing a Hart Slave or a Hart Master.

Key technologies of HartTools 7.6 Key technologies of HartTools 7.6


Software/Firmware Development and Consulting

  • Development of mobile phone software (iOS, Android Apps) for field device applications (Kotlin, Xamarin, Java, C++).
  • Development of sql database structures for the source code generation for parts of the firmware in embedded field devices (single source concept).
  • Development of simulations of a field devices on personal computers (80 % of source code sharing).
  • Integration of firmware components into field devices
    - Android support,
    - Linux support,
    - FreeRTOS support,
    - SD memory card access,
    - Bluetooth interface,
    - NFC interface,
    - WiFi interface,
    - HART classical interface (4..20 mA),
    - HART-IP interface (Ethernet-APL),
    - Modbus TCP IP interface and
    - USB interface.
  • Development of web server for field devices.
  • Documentation of software and firmware components.
  • Development of automated testing software and firmware.
  • Development of application software in C++, C#, Python, F#, Kotlin, Java, Visual Basic and VBA.
  • Review of Specifications and Documentations.

Current Projects

  • Development of reusable C++ source code for a
    HART slave, implemented on a
    nRF52840 Development Kit based on a Hart Uart Protocol or
    the HART-IP Interface.
  • Migration of the HART FrameAlyst (HartTools) to HART-IP.
Walter Borst Walter Borst


  • Android, Xamarin
  • File Systems
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • NFC
  • Program Flash Handling
  • Data Flash Handling
  • Power Off/On Management
  • HART Protocol Communication
  • Fieldbus Technology, Modbus, Profibus
  • HTTP-Server, Communication Stacks, Frameworks, Device Simulation

  • C, C++, C#, Java, Python, F#, Kotlin, VB, VBA, Assembler

  • Windows, Linux, EmbOS, FreeRTOS
    MicroC/OS-II, QNX, VxWorks, Integrity OS

  • Single Source Concepts, Software-Generation, Code-Wizards

  • Tests: Requirements, Code Coverage, Conformance

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