Hart Software and Embedded Systems Development
Hart Software and Embedded Systems Development


Source Code Modules

Source Code Modules are typically C++ implementations targeted to be integrated in Linux or any other embedded operating system.


Currently there is only one offer for a simple serial communication. However, a HART Protocol Master and a HART Protocol Slave communication stack are planned for 2024.

Real Time Serial Communication

This is a source code module that implements serial communication under windows that is real-time capable. The modules and the supplied test client are implemented in C++.

  • The variant presented in these sources is implemented under Windows. However, due to the modular structure, the source code can also be easily ported to any embedded systems.
  • Since the solution is strictly based on the 'ISO C++14 standard', it can also be used with other compilers (e.g. GNU compilers).
  • The solution available in this package was created with Visual Studio 2019. In the future there will also be variants for Visual Studio code.



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