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HartTools 7.6: Real Time HART Protocol Analyzer

Test Client Software and User Examples in C++, C# and Python

The HartTools is a software package based on a native Windows DLL that only requires a small amount of Windows system resources. Only with this technical basis was it possible to implement the real-time behavior of the Hart Communication Protocol.

You can also purchase the source code of the HartTools 7.6.

Please refer to the Release Notes to see immediately the major changes compared to version 7.5.

HartTools 7.6

Using the HartDLL Using the HartDLL
Using the FrameAlyst Using the FrameAlyst

To Analyse the HART communication on the wire and the behavior of HART devices was the goal for the realization of the HART Tools. This is a set of components for the HART device developer. The tools are targeted to realize test applications and support the device development process. The tool chain includes the support of a slave device simulation implementation on the PC based on C# or Visual Basic.

Quotation: HartTools 7.6 (pdf)

New price: 1650,- Euro

  • Protocol test client and analyzer FrameAlyst (pdf)
  • Hart master communication library for Windows HartDLL (pdf)

  • Hart master .NET component HartX (pdf) for Windows applications

  • Hart slave communication library for Windows SlaveDLL (pdf)

  • Hart slave .NET component for Windows SlaveX (pdf)

  • Single user license



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HartTools 7.6 (Source Code)

Develop your own HartTools Develop your own HartTools

The HART communication code (the native library) is written in C++ and is currently being maintained in Visual Studio 2019 for the new HartTools 7.6 version. The code is strictly modular and based on a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer).

If you like to modify the implementations of HartTools for your own needs in future or if you are looking for a base of a Hart master functionality under Windows we are providing also the source code of the HartTools software package.



The license agreement is as follows.

"You may distribute the target binary for personal use and commercial purposes, install and use the source code on as many computers as you wish and modify or alter the source code at your own risk. You may not  redistribute the source code in any way (through website, ftp site, cdrom ...), sell, rent, lease, or sublicense the source code or transfer the rights on the source code.

You may not use the original filenames of the HartTools, namely BaHartFrameAlyst.exe, BaHartDevSimulation.dll, BaHartX75.dll, BaSlaveX75.dll, BaHartDrv75.dll and BaHartSlv.dll.

You may not use the terms 'Borst Automation' or 'HartTools' inside or together with your modified code."

The software has been working in HartTools 7.4 and HartTools 7.5 for about 15 years now without any problems. However, since it is intended (and expected) that they will change the code after purchase, there is an additional Warranty Disclaimer, which is also included in the source code files.
"The source code is provided without any warranty. Borst Automation and Walter Borst expressly disclaims any warranty for the software paket. This software paket and related documents are provided "AS IS"; without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. This includes implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. All risk arising out of use of this paket remains with the user. By using this software paket, the user agrees that no event shall Borst Automation or Walter Borst make responsible or liable for damages whatsoever. This includes, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, loss due to business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary loss, arising out of the use of or the inability to use this software paket."

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